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Yahmon Catering Menu

All Entrees are served with Rice & Peas or Steam Rice, Fry Plantain, and Steam Cabbage.

Yahmon! Size & Pricing

The Grand Finale

All Small, Medium, and Large Pans Feeds anywhere between 10- 45 People.

Small Oxtail/Curry Goat.....$195

Medium Oxtail/Curry Goat....$235

Large Oxtail/Curry Goat....$280

Small Jerk Chicken/Brownstew Chicken....$155

Medium Jerk Chicken/Brownstew Chicken...$195

Large Jerk Chicken/Brownstew Chicken...$235

Small Curry Chicken...$155

Medium Curry Chicken ...$195

Large Curry Chicken...$235

Special Order

The Main Attraction

Pepper Lobster (Spicy)

Fried Red Snapper  (Whole Fish)

Curry Shrimp

Pepper Shrimp (Spicy)

*Prices Vary



Steam Cabbage...$17

Green Salad....$17

Chicken Soup...$60

Ackee & Saltfish...$75           

Rice & Peas...$25

Steam Rice...$20

Jerk/BBQ Jerk Wings (20)....$26

Chicken/Beef/Veggie Patties (10)...$35

Yahmon! Individual Catering

You’ll Love This! Catering to you while you're at work on lunch break or just at home and craving authentic Yahmon Catering.


all entrees are served with Rice & peas or Steam Rice, Fry Plantain & Steam Cabbage.

Jerk Chicken (M).....$12  (L)..$14

Brownstew Chicken (M)..$12   (L)...$14

Fry Chicken (M)..$12   (L)..$14

Curry Chicken (M)..$13   (L)..$15

Curry Goat (M)..$15   (L)..$17

Oxtail (M)..$14   (L)..$16

Curry Shrimp...$15

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Yahmon Jamaican Catering

Catering a taste of Jamaica!


Our Story

Our #1 Priority is Customer Satisfaction

Yahmon Jamaican Catering is a reputable catering company that caters to small groups, large groups, and individually. The owner of Yahmon Catering has been in the catering business for over 10 years. Yahmon Catering specializes in authentic Jamaican Cuisines, but we are also open to cooking up any kind of delicious dishes for our customers. Yahmon Catering also teaches cooking classes to any individual or groups that are interested in learning how to cook any Jamaican dish. Let Yahmon Catering cater to your next event at an affordable price while making your tummy smile.


Catering Services

What We Do to Make Your Event Memorable

Wedding Receptions

The Perfect Side Order

Fry plantain


Birthday Parties

Delicious Golden Crust

Jamaican Meat and Veggie Patty

Corporate Events

A Meal to Remember

Ackee & Saltfish
Jamaican Fry Dumpling


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